Summary of September 21, 2017 Meeting of the Session of Lake OPC:


(1) Appointment of Moderator of Session:  The OPC Form of Government (XIII.4) requires each session to choose its own moderator annually from among its members.  The session re-appointed Pastor Willour to serve for another year as moderator of the session.


(2) Appointment of Clerk of Session:  The OPC Form of Government (XIX) requires each judicatory of the church (which includes local church sessions) to choose its own clerk of session for a term determined by the session.  The session re-appointed Elder John Grubb to serve another year as clerk of session.


(3) Appointment of Ruling Elder Commissioner to Fall Presbytery Meeting:  Elder John Grubb was appointed to serve as Lake OPC’s ruling elder commissioner to the Fall 2017 stated meeting of the Presbytery of Ohio, which is scheduled to be on October 20-21at Calvary OPC in Harrisville, PA.


(4) Discussion of Presbytery Visitation Committee meeting:  Every year each session of local OPC churches within the Presbytery of Ohio are to receive an annual visit from the Presbytery’s Committee on Church Visitation and Sessional Records (or “CCVSR”).  This committee reviews local church session minutes and reviews the life and ministry of the church.  This is intended to provide both accountability and encouragement.  The session of Lake OPC received its annual visit from representatives of the Presbytery visitation committee on Saturday, September 16.  At its September 21 meeting the session discussed the suggestions which were offered to the session by the committee.  (A summary of these suggestions will be sent out separately.)


(5) Renewal of Contract for meeting space with the Holiday Inn:  The session agreed by common consent, contingent upon the approval of the trustees, to seek a renewal of Lake OPC’s rental contract with the Holiday Inn in Mentor for the calendar year 2018, with the understanding that should Lake OPC find a more suitable meeting location it is at liberty to cancel this contract at any time, provided it gives the Holiday Inn adequate notice of intention to cancel, as stated in the terms of the contract.


(6) Appointment of Lake OPC Property Search Committee:  By common consent the session agreed to ask four members of the church to serve as a committee appointed for the purpose of exploring alternative rental and/or meeting space locations in the Mentor and Lake County area, contingent upon the willingness and availability of these members to serve.  (The members whom the session would like to ask to serve on this committee will be contacted personally to see whether or not they would be willing to serve in this capacity.)


(7) Appointment of 2018 Budget Planning Committee:  In accordance with the requirements of Lake OPC Bylaws Article VI (“Budget”), the session appointed five members of the church to serve as the 2018 Budget Planning Committee (contingent upon their willingness and availability to serve).  This committee is asked to present its proposed 2018 budget to the session for review by no later than December 3.


(8) Appointment of 2017 Annual Pastoral Review Committee:  The session appointed four members to serve on this committee (contingent upon their willingness and availability to serve), which is charged with the task of reviewing the pastor’s ministry and service in 2017, with a view to assessing the effectiveness of his ministry this calendar year, and of offering constructive feedback, encouragement and suggestions for improvement.  This committee is asked to prepare a written report, to be made available to members of the congregation at the annual meeting in January of 2018, and/or upon request.


(9) Scheduling of 2018 Annual Meeting:  The 2018 annual meeting of the congregation and corporation of Lake OPC is scheduled for Sunday, January 21, 2018 at the church meeting location, beginning at 11:30 a.m., and with a terminus of no later than 1:00 p.m. (see Article III, Section 1 of the Lake OPC Constitution and Bylaws).


(10) Appointment of 2017 Audit Committee:  The session authorized three members (contingent upon their willingness and availability) to serve as the 2017 Audit Committee.  The mandate of this committee will be to review the financial records of the church for 2017, to see whether or not they be in good order, and reporting its findings to the January 2018 session meeting and the annual meeting of the congregation.