A Statement of the Session of Lake OPC regarding the current Mask Mandate:

(1) Since the Scriptures require us to respect and obey the civil authorities in their lawful exercise of authority (Rom. 13; 1 Pet. 2), in view of our governor’s mask mandate we as a Session request that attendees comply with this mandate while in attendance at church, unless you have health or medical issues that would exempt you from this mandate. While we request this compliance to the current mask mandate, nonetheless we will assume that members and visitors who do not mask have medical or other legitimate reasons for their decision not to mask, and thus we will not force compliance nor deny access to worship to those who are not wearing masks. We exhort all of us to act in good faith towards one another in this matter, with personal responsibility, love for one’s neighbor as oneself, and mutual respect, as required by the Christian ethic revealed in the Word of God.

(2) We understand that there are strong convictions on both sides of this mask issue. Therefore, whatever our personal convictions may be on the mask-wearing issue, we exhort all of us to focus our attention on those things in which we agree, and which are central to our Faith — such as our orthodox confession of faith in Christ and our adherence to the biblical gospel — while seeking to avoid a spirit of judgmentalism against brothers and sisters with whom we may differ on this issue. May we all given diligence to remain united together in our common confession of faith (Ephesians 4:1-6), and strive after a right and charitable frame of spirit toward all our brethren, even those with whom we may differ on this particular question, lest Satan gain a foothold in our fellowship and sow seeds of discord and division.

(3) We request that congregants continue to be mindful of and to observe at this time the recommended six-foot social distancing rule, when it comes to interactions with those at church who are outside of your immediate family.

(4) We counsel all of our members and friends to give careful thought and consideration to the Apostle Paul’s Divinely-inspired guidance on how believers who differ with one another on matters not essential to faith or morals should relate to their brethren who hold differing convictions, as that guidance is recorded in Romans chapter 14 and First Corinthians chapter 8.